While in the train...

My train diaries have always been quite interesting. This one was even more. We usually, rather, always, end up reaching the railway station with a lot of hullabaloo. This time around, it was no different. As a matter of fact, it was even worse. I had to skip my lunch which I never do because of my everlasting gastric issues. My husband was behaving weirdly strange over WhatsApp. My saasuma is one superwoman who faultlessly believes that the whole world rests on her.

The Rendezvous...

Hey, long time, no see. How you doing?

A couple of years back you never asked me this question. One look, one word and you gathered all my feelings. You knew how to handle me. Now as I sit miles and miles away holding scotch and reading your message flashing on my mobile screen, I feel strange. I had let you go, and let you go very easily. I thought I will be free from the snarls of relationship.

Legacy of Passion

On a fine monsoon morning, when the clouds still darkened the sky with its blanket of sparkly, silvery lines and we were surrounded by heavy rains, there was a knock on the door. I was still sipping my favourite tea made out of freshly ground basil leaves from my mother’s well maintained kitchen garden. This man came out of nowhere with an attractive package addressed to me. Well, receiving something after a long time made me look like a dog with two tails, wagging away in glory.

When Love Turns a Stranger

I was a naïve, young girl, deeply in love with that someone who meant the world to me. All I knew was, love will give me a fairytale. It did but nothing lasted forever. 

One fine morning, I walked into the little, dainty office with a pounding heart full of excitement, nervousness, a bouquet of flowers and my very close girlfriends.

How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth?

I have been a working mother ever since my baby was born. There have hardly been any breaks in my life. Not being a full-time mommy comes with a baggage of concerns, confusions and complications. Most of the time, I was worried if my little one is eating right and eating well since she’s been brought up by many hands. I was extremely blessed to have those lovely souls around me because of whom I could work at peace. I don’t declare that Jianna is not a fussy eater. We all have our preferences and choice of platter. Somehow, for children we keep drilling them about the nutritional facts which, apparently, we realise once we become parents.